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Theological Studies : 1

Geography, History, and Daily Life of Bible Times

By Dr. Glen L. Thompson

Part of God’s Old Testament covenant was that Abraham and his descendants would live in the land of Israel. This book teaches the reader about that land and the role it played in the Old and New Testament periods. After learning to draw a map of Israel, showing its most important geographical regions, the reader will be led through the entire scope of Bible history. Also, the reader will learn the most important aspects of the other cultures which surrounded the Jews, as well as learn about all the aspects of daily life during Bible times.

Theological Studies : 2

Chinese Christianity and the Evangelical Gospel

By Dr. Glen L. Thompson

The basic message of this book is that the Chinese church needs to become a confessional church if it is to mature to its full potential within the worldwide church. Written confessions have been important in maintaining the integrity of the Christian church in every age. Many parts of the modern Protestant church, however, have abandoned their confessions, including the Chinese church. The chaos in China throughout much of the twentieth century not only prevented the training of an adequate number of leaders but also kept it from entering deeply into the struggle between the liberal and evangelical Christian worldviews that was taking place throughout much of the church elsewhere. The important twentieth-century figures Wang Mingdao, John Sung, Watchman Nee and Jia Yuming are surveyed as case studies for these developments. An appendix reprints in its entirety the important essay of Wang Mingdao that led to his imprisonment in 1955. His call for Christians to stand true to the entirety of Holy Scripture and its teaching will inspire Christians yet today.

Theological Studies : 3

History of the Ancient and Medieval Church (to A.D. 1400)

By Dr. Glen L. Thompson

This is an elementary textbook which covers the period from the Apostles up until about A.D. 1400. It highlights the most important people and events while providing a narrative history of how the church expanded, how it grew as an institution, and how it developed doctrinally in the face of attacks from without and within.

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