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Diploma of Christian Studies (D.C.S.)

Diploma of Christian Studies (D.C.S.)

The Diploma of Christian Studies (D.C.S.) program is designed to increase the student’s biblical, theological and practical ministry knowledge in a systematic way. Such a study will prepare a student for lay leadership in a Christian congregation. It will also help the student and ALS determine if a student has the requisite gifts for more full-time service in the church. After graduating with the 48 credits of the D.C.S., students may apply to enter one or more of the ALS degree programs which requires earning an additional 40 credits for the A.A.Th., 80 credits for the B.Th., or 140 credits for the M.Div. degree.


  1. A secondary school diploma is required for admittance into the program.
  2. Students must be able to follow classes in English or Cantonese.
  3. A recommendation from the student’s pastor is required.
  4. No previous coursework in theology is required. Students who have had formal coursework in theology from a recognized institution of higher learning (Bible institute, Bible college, university, or seminary) may be able to have some credits transferred into the D.C.S. program at the discretion of the Academic Dean.
  5. Students normally will be members of a local congregation, and all who attend classes must demonstrate respect for the Lutheran character of the school.
  6. Students are to maintain good Christian character while enrolled.

Program of Study

Compulsory Course
Biblical Theology
18 credits (If not marked, all subjects are 3 credits)

DCS-001Basic Bible Interpretation
DCS-002Old Testament Survey 1
DCS-003Old Testament Survey 2
DCS-004Life of Christ
DCS-005New Testament Survey
DCS-017Bible Background

Compulsory Course
Systematic & Historical Theology
15 credits (If not marked, all subjects are 3 credits)

DCS-006Luther’s Small Catechism 1
DCS-007Luther’s Small Catechism 2
DCS-008Intro. to Confessions/Three Creeds
DCS-009Law and Gospel 1 (1.5 credit)
DCS-010Church and Ministry
DCS-011Life of Luther (1.5 credit)

Electives Course
Pastoral & Missiological Theology
15 credits (If not marked, all subjects are 3 credits)

*Elective subjects of equal degree freely

DCS-013Teaching the Bible
DCS-014Christian Worship (1.5 credit)
DCS-015The Christian Family (1.5 credit)
DCS-016Christian Leadership (1.5 credit)
DCS-018Stewardship (1.5 credit)
DCS-019Law & Gospel 2 (1.5 credit)
DCS-022Shepherding a Group (1.5 credit)
DCS-023Preaching (1.5 credit)

Transfer of credits from other programs, or substitution of other ALS courses for some of the above requirements may be possible. Students must apply to the Academic Dean who will then bring the request before the ALS faculty for approval. A cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or above at the end of the program is required for a student to be admitted into a subsequent degree program.