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Associate of Arts in Theology (A.A.Th.)

Associate of Arts in Theology (A.A.Th.)

The Associate of Arts Degree in Theology certifies that a candidate is qualified to serve under the supervision of a pastor in church positions such as assistant evangelist. The A.A.Th. degree requires an additional 40 credits beyond the D.C.S. Students who earn the A.A.Th. and are in good standing may continue study towards the Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.) degree.


  1. A secondary school diploma is required for admittance.
  2. Previous completion of ALS’s D.C.S. program or an equivalent Bible Institute diploma is required or must be completed before achieving the A.A.Th. degree. A cumulative grade point of 2.0 or above in the previous program is normally required for acceptance into an ALS degree program.
  3. A recommendation letter from the student’s pastor is required.
  4. Students must be able to follow classes in English or Cantonese.
  5. Students normally will be members of a local congregation, and all who attend classes must demonstrate respect for the Lutheran character of the school. Students are to maintain good Christian character while enrolled.

Program of Study

The A.A.Th. certifies that a student has a well-rounded biblical and theological education, as well as being prepared to serve in supervised leadership functions within the church. Therefore, a balance is recommended between courses in the various disciplines, while the student may still follow his interests and gifts. Students should seek guidance from the academic dean as they choose among the offered courses. Students who eventually wish to enter the public ministry as evangelists and /or pastors are encouraged to begin their study of the biblical languages already at the A.A.Th. level.

Length of Study

Candidates entering the program without a D.C.S. or Bible Institute foundation may expect to complete the A.A.Th. degree in 3 calendar years by taking approximately 15 credits per semester. The faculty must give annual approval for a student who has not completed the program after 7 years of enrollment.