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Christ-Centered Mission-Minded

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Full-time ministry? Not sure if seminary is right for you? Don’t know where to start? Asia Lutheran Seminary understands the challenges which face the modern seminary student and we are here for you.

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  • WELS, our partner church in America, is highlighting our Gospel work in Asia this month to all our brothers and sisters there. Here is a prayer written by ALS Pres. Dr. Bare published on the WELS site. Thanks for praying with us!"Lord of the Church, your Spirit is working in the hearts of people across Asia to want to serve you by proclaiming...... (click photo to read more)

  • On May 25, Dr. Matt Doebler addressed the graduating class of Immanuel Lutheran College. He encouraged them that with God you can face the future with courage and purpose. ALS prays that the futures of these young people would be blessed in earthly ways, but also that God would give them a faith that always looks to him no matter what the life circumstances. ALS also hopes that from amongst these people God would raise up leaders for his Church to shepherd the next generation of believers.

  • This last week a group of churches from various places in East Asia met for worship, fellowship, and future planning. At the conference, ALS leaders had the opportunity to share an update on our programs and gather input on how better to serve these partners. ⁩We look forward to our continued cooperation in serving God’s people!

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By God’s grace, Asia Lutheran Seminary trains Christian leaders for Asia by equipping students to reach out, disciple believers, train leaders, and multiply groups for the advancing of God’s kingdom.

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