Meet the President

Not counting your soul, your time is the most valuable thing you have. Thank you for using your time to check out ALS online. ALS grows God’s people to serve as Jesus himself did (Mark 10:45). Jesus, as true God and true man, sacrificed himself on the cross and rose physically from the dead to make full payment for the sins of all people. Our ALS students, faculty and staff are here to share that life giving gospel message with as many people as possible – especially through our ALS students.


ALS grows our students by teaching God’s truth in detail and sending them out in God’s unlimited power and love for people. ALS trains personal mentors who help our students find their way through the daily challenges of balancing personal life, family life and public ministry responsibilities. ALS provides an advanced level of training in the Biblical languages of Hebrew and Greek. ALS students receive an extensive and firm foundation in Biblical doctrine within the framework of the Book of Concord, 1580. Our students learn how to evangelize, care for, mentor and grow God’s people using Law and Gospel properly. ALS professors, teachers and staff pray for our students in a variety of settings. ALS provides personal care for our students any way we can. In fact, allow me the privilege of praying for you right now.


Dear Lord, you personally know and love the person who is reading this prayer right now. Among all the websites you have led them to our ALS website. As you have paid for their sins in full, and removed their guilt and shame from before you, continue to bless them in every way this day and always. If they are searching for spiritual truth – guide them in your Bible Truth. If they are excited about life – give them added joy as they remember your personal care for them. If they are feeling discouraged, lonely, afraid, or misunderstood fill them with your Peace, Hope, Comfort and Power. Whatever their situation, build them up in your Word, the Bible. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.


Perhaps it is not an accident that God has brought you to our ALS website today. It would be an honor to serve you. Is there anything ALS can do for you?


Dr. Steven L. Witte

Asia Lutheran Seminary, President