Perfect Timing

Perfect Timing

“Woman, why do you involve me?” Jesus replied, “My hour has not yet come.”
John 2:4

Waiting for the perfect time is what Jesus did throughout his ministry. It didn’t make any
difference what the situation was. He waited for exactly the right moment so that everything
was done right and according to God’s saving plan.

Jesus said as much when he responded to his mother’s request for more wine at the wedding
in Cana. The same concern for timing can also be seen when he taught, when he performed
miracles, or even when he raised Lazarus from the dead. Everything was done at exactly the
right time.

The same concern for the perfect timing can be seen in his decision to go to Jerusalem. When
the time was right, Jesus went into the city. The timing had to be perfect to fulfill the Old
Testament prophecies and rescue all people from the curse of sin.

It is Jesus’ perfect timing that provides a double comfort. The first assures that we have been
rescued from the punishment deserved because of sin. Jesus went to the cross and offered his
body and blood as the sacrifice God required, so we are cleansed of guilt and set free from
punishment. The second comforts us every day. Every need, every prayer, and every detail of
our life is under Jesus’ loving care, his watchful eye, and his perfect timing. This assures us that
everything will always happen for our good and at the best possible time.

O gracious Savior, Jesus Christ, my times are in your hands. Teach me to not only turn my
to the promises you give me in your Word but teach me also to trust that you will do
for my good according to your perfect timing. Amen.