Remember God’s Faithfulness

Remember God’s Faithfulness

David said, “The Lord who rescued me from the paw of the lion and the paw of the bear will rescue me from the hand of this Philistine.” (1 Samuel 17:37a)

Early one morning I was groaning under an anvil of anxiety.  Though gazing directly at the brightening horizon, I was blind to the brushstrokes of glory that God was layering in the heavens.  I suddenly experienced an irrational fear that the sun would not rise.  It was ludicrous, and yet it was very real to me in that moment.

Of course, I was completely ignoring the facts:  the sun has risen millions of times without fail.  It’s not gonna stop today.

That was David’s whole argument to the overly cautious and cowardly king Saul as they discussed David’s upcoming battle with Goliath:  “God rescued me without fail before, no matter how ferocious the opponent; he’s not gonna stop today.”  In the vein of Samuel, Joshua, and Moses before him, David let the history of God’s faithfulness shape his present reality.  “My current problem is this Philistine Giant, but my consistent, reliable solution has always been the Lord.”

You discover this pattern in many of the Psalms and other chapters of the Old Testament:  Here’s our current problem; God always delivered his people in the past; therefore, I can face the present and future confidently.

Have you tried applying this pattern to the crises in your life?  Many Bible-believing Christians panic nearly every time they face of a new challenge (author included)—“this is it!  I’m done for!  This time I’m gonna drown!”  They are so myopic that they can only see the monster of the moment.  They disregard all the Goliath corpses that lie strewn on the path behind them—all testimonies to God’s protection.  They forget how God delivered Moses, Joshua, David, Ruth, Esther, Peter, Mary Magdalene, Paul, and countless other Christians throughout time.

What makes you think the sun is not going to rise today?  Maybe it’s your guilt or shame.  “One of these days, God’s gonna get sick of me.”  But those giants were all crushed 2000 years ago at the cross.  Maybe your problems are bristling with weaponry.  “It’s the biggest problem I’ve ever faced!”  Bigger than death?  Christ left that Goliath in the grave when he rose from the dead.

You’re going to be okay.  Just take a deep breath and watch the sun rise again.

Prayer:  Lord, please forgive me when I panic in the present crisis.  Help me remember your faithfulness to me and all the saints throughout history.  Help me face every challenge with confidence that you will provide for me.  Amen.